Return to Eden™ shall grow and outsource under strict supervision, dehydrate or preserve naturally, package and distribute natural health products. From authentic organic fruits and vegetables, nature’s herbs, assorted nuts, to natural health products, natural health and current events books & tracts, including therapeutic massage, hydrotherapy, and our famous tested, tried and proven God-given detoxification and weight loss programs, we are humble enough to serve. Be sure to find these according to your specific need, and source them online or from our various strategically placed mobile health trucks and service outlets. Visit our online store.

Health Seminars

Return to Eden™  shall proactively endeavor to disseminate the much needed information on natural health to all by way of this website’s FAQ’s and blogs, by way of regular organized natural health, team building and peak performance seminars, excursions and tours, and by strategically placed setups for easy access to our natural health products and services.

Our services shall extend to governments, religions, corporations and individuals according as need shall present.

Health Expos

Return to Eden™ shall periodically and upon request, organize for practical health expos which shall be advertised in advance on this website’s Events page, and whereupon we shall also have our natural health products and services available for anyone in need.