New Start Health Organization International (hereinafter NHO) is a non-profit and non-political health reform, natural remedies and country living advocacy NGO that seeks to proactively encourage and entrench country living, natural health, team spirit, self-support work and nutrient-dense organic farm-work worldwide, while also enhancing the benevolence and philanthropy ministries. Headquartered in a 100 acre land parcel in Adu- Kamale Ward, Magarini Sub-county Kilifi County, NHO is originally registered in Kenya and operates under the trade name Return to Eden™, The One Stop Natural Health Spot! NHO chiefly exists to raise centers of influence namely: country nutrient-dense organic farms; health foods industries & country sanitariums; medical missionary/prophecy schools and home schools; city lifestyle centers; hygienic/superior foods restaurants and health stores; Present Truth publishing & media houses; benevolence homes; and reform tours & travel institutions.


To promote and avail accessibility to affordable preventive healthcare, simple nutrient-dense foods and natural remedies for all, even though relief support and other remedial services (e.g. HIV/AIDS support and rehabilitation, reform tours/excursions & travel, alcohol & substance abuse rehabilitation & counseling, benevolence homes, chaplaincy), guided by ethical, professional and environment friendly values.


To ensure that the true healing art is availed in the home of every man and woman in Africa and yonder, to restore many families, prevent much suffering and premature deaths, wipe the tears from many eyes, and restore the image of God in man.