The International Board shall have a maximum of 13 constitutional Directors and a minimum of 3, while the Kenya National Board shall have a maximum of 7. The same shall hold office for three (3) years starting 1st July, after which due elections will be held for a new Board.

The senior management Board shall consist of 13 Divisional Directors, in addition to the CEO as Managing Director. These shall serve for a renewable 1 year term, & shall be in charge of the 14 departments namely:

  1. Executive: shall consist of the Managing Director, Secretary and Finance & Administration Director and shall serve as chief executors (incl. being bank signatories) and public representatives of NHICo.
  2. Welfare Division: shall deal with the welfare and benevolence needs of both staff and outsiders;
  3. Sanitariums & Clinics Division: shall locate, establish and run country/city lifestyle centers/sanitariums and counseling programs;
  4. Hygienic Restaurants & Health Stores Division: shall take charge of identifying suitable locations for city hygienic restaurants and health stores, establishing and managing the same, including mobile hygienic restaurants, health & organic grocery stores;
  5. Health Foods Industry Division: sourcing, drying, preservation, packaging and distribution of health products;
  6. Training & Apprenticeship Division: training of self-supporting gospel workers/medical missionaries, and arrangement of training in vocational apprenticeship courses in liaison with other identified institutions;
  7. Finance & Administration Division: The Director shall be the Treasurer of NHO-shall be responsible for all the financial transactions of the Incorporation, including advising the Board of Directors on the prudent distribution of resources; shall also ensure unbiased human resource management and development, and handle all administrative issues in liaison with the Executive and concerned Divisional Heads;
  8. Marketing & Sales Division: shall be responsible for all the prudent, strategic and aggressive marketing and sales of all the Organization’s various health products and services;
  9. Reform Tours & Travel Division: shall be responsible for identification and acquisition of the necessary capital investments, identification and allocation of sites and destinations, and management of the reform tours and travel;
  10. Organic Farms & Farmlands Division: shall be principally responsible for ensuring multiplication and preservation of native crop through investment in rural lands, extensive research into healthy farming methods & innovations, and soil activation;
  11. Frontier Missions, Research & Development Division: shall be responsible for site identification & acquisition for establishment of centers of influence, and all research and development activities;
  12. ICT Division: shall be responsible for all matters to do with timely information, communication and current technology;
  13. Publishing Division: shall be responsible for publication and distribution of low cost Authorized KJV Bibles, Spirit of Prophecy books and select books & tracts;
  14. Monitoring & Evaluation Division: shall be responsible for the systematic, periodical monitoring and evaluation of all projects and activities of the Organizations, to ensure that the laid down tenets, TOR’s and set standards are strictly and timely adhered to.