Our Mission

To promote and avail accessibility to affordable preventive healthcare, simple nutrient-dense foods and natural remedies for all, even though relief support and other remedial services (e.g. HIV/AIDS support and rehabilitation, reform tours/excursions & travel, alcohol & substance abuse rehabilitation & counseling, benevolence homes, chaplaincy), guided by ethical, professional and environment friendly values.

Return To Eden Ministries Invites All To:
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Featuring: The Truth About God, Righteousness By Faith & Sanctuary, Medical Missionary Work, Community Service, Organic Farming in Practicum, Country Living(Practicum) , True Education, Gospel Order, Christian Home, Workshops & More.


December 2019

Our Focus


Training of self-supporting gospel workers/medical missionaries, and arrangement of training in vocational apprenticeship courses in liaison with other identified institutions. 

Health Products and Services

Sourcing, drying, preservation, packaging and distribution of health products.

Nutrient Dense Organic Farming

Shall be principally responsible for ensuring multiplication and preservation of native crop through investment in rural lands, extensive research into healthy farming methods & innovations, and soil activation